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Alternative Fuel Information

U.S. Dept of Energy - Alternative Fuels data Center
Car - Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Hydrogen on Demand - Article Hho Gas Generators
Squido on Cars - Convert your car to burn water
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Vertigro Energy Videos - Algae The Holy Grail of BioFuel?
CNN Article - Algae: The ultimate in renewable energy
Popular Mechanics - Crunching the Numbers on Alternative Fuels
Water for Gas - Convert Your Car/Truck to Burn Water

Fuel Additives

US Dept. of Energy - Alternative Fuels Data Center
PES Network Inc. - Acetone In Fuel Said to Increase Mileage
The MPG Site - Fuel Boost
PR News Now - EnviroMax Plus
Hub Pages - Gas Additives Do They Work
The Skeptics Dictionary - engine oil additives
Trucking Info - Do diesel fuel additives really Work? How and Why !
The EPA - Fuels and Fuel Additives